Plug N Play

Gosafe’s Plug n Play technology is a remarkable breakthrough for developing GPS tracking devices. Now users don’t need to follow troublesome traditional procedures for the installation of GPS trackers. You can now plug in a device and play with it without worrying about setting any switching, jumpers and other configuration elements.

GS Series OBDII Series


G7 Series Personal trackers is a GPS based people management solution for monitoring and tracking distant workers, distributors, parolee or family members. Gosafe has designed these trackers in small and sleek designs allowing them to be placed easily in a back-pack, purse or a wearing belt etc. Personal tracking devices are valuable for commercial as well as private applications. Different models of personal trackers are developed for varied usage needs.


SMS Serial Interface


GS Series Its a remarkable device to locate your lost or stolen vehicle. This tiny device can be easily placed or concealed in a vehicle or other valuable asset. Asset tracker can easily lasts more than One year in stand-by mode. You can activate it when you need to locate your vehicle or asset. Gosafe takes pride to offer a series of G6 & G7 asset trackers with varied features to cater customized needs of users. Quad band GSM modem technology is used in these device that enables it to work worldwide.


Fleet Management Solutions Fleet Management system uses satellite technology to render real-time vehicles location and record historical vehicle activity. Vehicle tracking unit can be installed in each of your vehicles. There are no exposed wires or antennas, making the equipment virtually tamper proof, and allowing for covert installation. The vehicle tracking units transmit data to our servers via GPRS wireless. Our highly trained technicians install these units for optimum performance according to your vehicle design & specifications.


We offer a broad range of accessories, such as antennas, cables, Ibuttons, panic buttons.


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