• Description

    GV800W is a full-featured 2G GPS tracker specifically for vehicles, which can meet different industries and different requirements. it uses CDMA/GSM two compatible systems that can support 8 bands and realize global roaming seamlessly, both GPS and GSM antennas are built-in and the external GPS antenna and external GSM antenna are supported in order to guarantee that device signal is good when built-in antenna doesn’t work. GV800W, with ACC state detection function, motion state detection, external voltage detection, driving behavior monitoring, SOS alarm, speed change alarm, over-speed alarm, geo-fence alarm, idling alarm, crash alarm, car-towing detection, roaming alarm, GPS jamming alarm, temperature and humidity alarm, GSM dead zone alarm, voice monitoring function and so on. besides, GV800W can support many UART, including 2 RS232 and 1 RS485 interfaces.