MT 1200

Quadband GSM/GPRS & GPS

Economical vehicle tracking solution 9-40 V, suitable for most vehicles, internal back up battery


Designed for simplicity, flexibility and economy, the MT 1200
combines “tried and true” vehicle tracking features with an open
platform option and a compact device size to deliver an exciting
new tracking solution from Novatel Wireless.


  • Description

    Open platform

    With the open platform option, the MT 1200 can host software applications from Telematics Service Providers (TSPs), ideal for aftermarket solution providers to port their proprietary code. This open platform is complemented by the MT 1200’s hardware capabilities, including GPS/GLONASS antenna, digital accelerometer, power management processor, and multiple I/O options.

    Smart agent

    First released in 1996, the Smart Agent option allows the MT 1200 to be programmed to handle precise vehicle tracking needs, including defining geo-fences, detecting harsh cornering or rapid acceleration, waking the device from low power sleep mode, generating trip reports, or enabling and disabling remote starts.

    Simple installation

    With preinstalled hardware features including internal cellular and GPS/GLONASS antennas (or an external antenna connector for hard-to-reach areas) and backup battery, installation of the MT 1200 is simple.

    Cloud management (Optional)

    With cloud-enabled N4A™ Device Manager, up to 500,000 MT 1200 devices can be easily managed and monitored around the globe in a cost-efficient and scalable manner. The N4A Device Manager features remote management and monitoring from a central location to configure, monitor, manage, and update the MT 1200 over-the-air.

    Special features

    • Flexibility with one model supporting three cellular technologies: GSM/GPRS, 1xRTT, and HSDPA
    • Enhanced location tracking speed and accuracy
    • Accurate driver behavior capture/vehicle motion detection with digital accelerometer/proprietary algorithm for auto-calibration
    • Easy installation with internal or external antenna and convenient Smartphone app
    • Open platform to host TSP app or Smart Agent on board to program specific functions

    Vertical markets

    Fleet Management

    • Service and utility fleets
    • Local delivery fleets
    • Municipal and government fleets
    • Public and private transportation fleets

    Insurance Telematics

    • Stolen vehicle tracking and recovery
    • User-Based Insurance (UBI), Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance, Behavior-Based Insurance
    • Teen Tracking
    • Driver Behavior Monitoring
  • Product specification

    Cito part number 1223

    Cellular technology

    • Quad-Band GPRS Radio: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    • Dual-Band CDMA2000® 1X Radio: 800/1900 MHz
    • Dual-Band HSDPA (UMTS 3G) Radio:
      • NA:
        3G: 850/1900 MHz
        2G: GPRS/EDGE: 850/1900 MHz
      • ROW:
        3G: 900/2100 MHz
        2G: GPRS/ EDGE: 900/1800 MHz


    • Internal cellular technology
    • Internal GPS/GLONASS patch antenna
      • Tracking sensitivity (measured): -160 dBm
      • Acquisition sensitivity (measured): -149 dBm
    • FAKRA connector for external GPS/GLONASS antenna
      • Tracking sensitivity: depends on antenna used
      • Acquisition sensitivity: depends on antenna used

    Interfaces, I/O, and LED

    • Micro USB
    • Internal SIM card (not applicable to 1xRTT)
    • 2 Digital Inputs, 1 Digital Output (latched), 1 Serial Interface (RS232)
    • LED Indicators: Power, Satellite, Cellular

    Device Management

    • Production Environment: Cloud-based (Optional)
    • Testing Environment: Cloud-based; 90-day free access with engineering support
    • Bulk Provisioning: Over-the-air or local
    • Firmware Upgrade: FOTA or local


    • Input Power Range: 12 V or 24 V
    • Extreme Low Power Sleep Mode: 1.1 mA@12 V; 0.77 mA@24 V
    • Battery (Optional): 240 mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion


    • Operating Temp:
      • -30º C to 70º C (non-battery)
      • -20º C to 60º C (battery)
    • Storage Temp:
      • -40º C to 85º C (non-battery)
      • -20º C to 60º C (battery)
    • Relative Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing


    • Dimensions: 80 x 61 x 19.9 mm
    • Weight:
      • 72 g (with external FAKRA connector for GPS/GLONASS antenna)
      • 70 g (with internal GPS/GLONASS patch antenna - no FAKRA connector)
    • Mounting Options: Mounting bracket, tie-wrap


    • NA: FCC, IC, PTCRB
    • ROW: CE, GCF, e-Mark, RoHS2
    • Applicable Carriers


    • GSM2508-xxx (GPRS)
    • RTT2241-xxx (1xRTT)
    • UMT2242-xxx (HSDPA ROW)
    • UMT2243-xxx (HSDPA NA)

    Optional accessories

    • 3-Wire Installation Cable
    • Advanced Integration Cable, with all interfaces populated
    • Plug-in accessories:
      • 12 VDC Relay with Socket
      • 24 VDC Relay with Socket
      • RS-232 Serial Interface for UART
    • Mounting Bracket
  • Product documentation
  • Order

    Price per unit $85